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Platte County Economic Development Council Prepares to Implement New Strategic Business Plan

by Pete Fullerton

At a recent meeting, the Board of Directors of the Platte County Economic Development Council voted unanimously to approve the proposed “Strategic 2003 – 2007 Business Plan”. It is scheduled for implementation in 2003. The plan is designed to assist the organization be efficient, effective and accountable in its efforts to keep Platte County as one of the top locations to live, work and play. It is the result of business interviews, focus groups, research and much hard work over the past 18 months.
Platte County EDC’s improved mission statement is to “Promote and enhance economic development in Platte County." Work which will be achieved through the following four strategies:
1. Expand business activity in Platte County;
2. Increase perceived value of the Platte County EDC by its constituents;
3. Integrate efforts with Kansas City Area Development Council, City of Kansas City, Missouri Department of Economic Development and other communities, agencies and organizations;
4. Enhance/revise infrastructure and funding of the Platte County EDC.
Platte County EDC chairperson Edie Ballweg said, “While the strategies may seem simple, the execution of the plan will be a most challenging, but ultimately rewarding, endeavor for the investors and staff in the Platte County EDC and for the future of Platte County. There is no more important work for this organization than to focus unwavering attention to the growth and development of one of the fastest growing counties in the State.”
Each of the strategies has many action items, twenty in total. There are approximately 80 tactics assigned to the action items to achieve the strategies. Each action item will be the work of an Action Team, consisting of Platte County EDC investors and community leaders.
The Platte County EDC is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization funded through public-private partnerships. For more information call 816/891-8770 or check the website at

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